Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A&D Lab Hours | Fall 2017

Gt 538 Fall Hours
Monday - Wednesday 7:30a -10p
Tuesday - Thursday  7:30a - 10p
Fridays 10a - 2p

GT538 & GT537 will be open one Saturday for finals on Saturday December 9th from 10a-3p

Gt 537 Fall Open Lab Hours
Monday - Wednesday  12:30p - 1p, 3:30p - 4p, 6:30p - 7p
Tuesday - Thursday  9:30a - 10a, 3:30p - 4p, 6:30p - 7p

Gt 539 Fall Open Lab Hours
Monday - Wednesday  7:30a - 11a, 1p - 2:30p, 5p - 5:30p, 8:30p - 10p
Tuesday - Thursday  7:30a - 11:30a, 2p - 2:30p, 5p - 5:30p, 8p - 10p
Fridays 10a - 2p

Gt 540 Fall Open Lab Hours
Monday - Wednesday  10a - 11:30a, 2p - 4p, 6:30p - 7p, 9p - 10p
Tuesday - Thursday  10a - 11:30a, 2p - 2:30p, 5p - 5:30p, 8p - 10p
Fridays 10a - 2p

The Info Commons lab located in the UVU library is another great resource for students to gain Mac & PC computer access with the Adobe software. Here is the info commons lab link with their information and hours:

Labs Closure Dates:
The Art & Design labs will be Closed on the following fall holidays:
September 4 - Labor Day.
October 19 - 21 - Fall Break.
November 20- 25 - Thanksgiving.

These dates are based off of the:
Fall 2017 UVU Academic Calendar

GT538 will close on December 14th at 3p for fall. AVC labs will re-open on January 8th for the Spring 2018 semester.

*Hours are subject to change without notice | updated 8.30.2017

Monday, August 15, 2016

Packaging InDesign Files

Here is an old video demonstrating how to package Adobe InDesign files. This video was created using an older version of InDesign. In the latest version of InDesign, a pdf is now creating in the packaging process.