Thursday, March 31, 2011

Printing / Training lab rules and policies

Printing of specialized substrates such as labels and transparencies must have manufacture box and be approved by lab manager.

All printing must be paid for with lab card.

Ink-jet prints must be paid for prior to printing.

The Art Print lab is intended to support art students and AVC projects. Lab manager area coordinator, and department chair must approve printing projects that are in question. (Faculty shows, event posters, and print for promoting the department)

All department printing must have an approval form signed by Lab Manager, Area Coordinator and Department Chair, as well as an approved banner number.

Faculty and staff personal work must be paid for at the bookstore and self printed.

No drop of printing, except for the Epson 9900. All Files must be print ready. Proofing for the Epson 9900 is done verbally. There is no guarantee of color or quality of print and replacements will be compensated.

The Lab does not provide for color correction and color adjustment. Test prints are recommended for ink-jet printers.

Beginner and basic training are offered from Lab assistants and Lab Manager; advanced training must come from qualified faculty and classes.

Basic training items:

• Basic scanning of prints, slides and negatives with Epson scanners.
• Basic laserjet printing
• Basic inkjet printing
• Basic Matt cutting
• Mounting
• Set up of print files
• How to mount Xyron
• How to use Enlarger
• Tack iron
• Drymount press
• Paper cutters

Advanced Training (Training given by Qualified instructors):

• Initial ink printing training
• Advanced Matt Cutting
• Flextight Scanning
• Advanced editing techniques
• Advanced printing techniques (separations, overprint, transparencies)
• Software training

If not qualified to use equipment, individuals may not use specialized equipment and may be refused service.

Equipment only to be used by Lab Manager, Lab Assistants, or qualified faculty:

• Xyron machines
• Epson 9900
• AVC Server

Lab Printing Approval Form